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We Extend the Frontiers

The Medical Center - University of Freiburg is one of the largest leading teaching hospitals in Europe. Some of the most famous doctors in the world have worked here, five of which were Nobel Prize winners for achievements in medical science. The medical faculty of the hospital can be traced back to 1457, thus making it one of the oldest and most distinguished faculties in Germany.

The Medical Center - University of Freiburg offers ready access to world-class medical treatment. We focus on novel diagnostic procedures and treatments and apply the latest findings in clinical and biomedical research. Our center delivers top-quality care by interdisciplinary specialist teams and an active commitment to personalized care in an ambience of comfort and convenience.

The Medical Center - University of Freiburg consists of 14 specialized clinics, 14 institutes, as well as a number of interdisciplinary centers.

  • The Comprehensive Cancer Center Freiburg – CCCF has been selected by German Cancer Aid as one of Germany’s top oncology centers.
  • The Prostrate Center offers a wide range of conservative and operational methods, including laser therapy for all patients who suffer from prostrate illnesses. New methods are continually being developed in our research department.
  • The Breast Center has been certified by the German Oncological Society.
  • Neurocenter – one of the largest and most modern in Europe.