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Modern Vascular Diagnostics

Diagnostic Radiology

Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging it is possible to visualize the vessels in the body from the brain to the lower leg and to detect stenoses and occlusions. By nature MRI doesn't use x-rays. However, the examination takes longer than a CT- Angiography (up to 20 minutes).

Computed tomography

If time is critical, computed tomography is the method of choice. Likewise capable of visualizing vessels from head to toe in the highest resolution, it takes less than 1 minute. A targeted examination can visualize even very small vessels such as the coronary arteries.


If stenosis of the vessels (e.g. in smoker’s leg) is found, angiographic intervention can be used for treatment. Catheters and wires are guided along the vessels to the stenosis and dilatation is performed using a balloon or a stent.