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Pediatric Urology

Pediatric urology

The University Hospital of Freiburg has achieved clinical experience and professional expertise in pediatric urology for over 40 years, gaining national respect as well as international attention and leading to a rising number of patients. Currently up to 2500 patient-doctor consultations are realized per year. This development was rewarded by the establishment of an independent Department of Pediatric Urology in 1990. Today, our excellent surgical reputation is attracting patients from all over the world.

Usually urology is associated with older men presenting with prostatic problems. Yet a closer look reveals several different syndromes including diseases of the kidneys and the entire male and female urinary tract. Further reproduction and hormonal disorders are of major concern.  

But urology and children? – At first glance these two terms do not match. Between conception and birth, however, it is the urogenital organs that undergo the most extensive and difficult transformation and development of all the human body systems. Malformations and malfunctions of these organs are therefore among the most common birth defects. The surgical correction of these often complex anomalies in boys and girls is the domain of pediatric urologists. Moreover,  treating urogenital diseases occurring in later childhood and adolescence also remains challenge and responsibility of pediatric urology.

Our treatment options  encompass the entire range of children's urologic diseases, in accordance with international guidelines and applying the latest surgical technology:

Pediatric Urology
  • Correction of all genital abnormalities up to and including bladder exstrophy and disorders of sexual development (hermaphroditism). Focus: hypospadias
  • Correction of all malformations and malfunctions of the urinary tract (including reflux and drainage disorders)
  • Evaluation and treatment of urinary tract infections, of the testicles/epididymis and foreskin
  • Evaluation and treatment of bladder dysfunction and bed-wetting
  • Treatment of cryptorchidism (undescended testicles), hydroceles/hernias, varicoceles and phimosis
  • Urinary stone management and urogenital cancer surgery
  • Pediatric urological emergency treatment (e.g. testicular torsion, injuries, inflammations)
Pediatric urology

In terms of integral medicine, many cases are discussed at weekly interdisciplinary conferences with pediatricians, radiologists, nuclear physicians and psychologists. For inpatient treatment, younger patients are admitted and handled in an age-appropriate manner in the Clinic of General Pediatrics, where we visit and look after them on a daily basis. Of course, a parent can also stay along with the child. In certain cases the patient can undergo more than one operation under the same anesthetic, if for example a dental or ear, nose and throat intervention is being planned in addition to the urological procedure. Thanks to our international cooperative network, we regularly treat many children from abroad.

Pediatric urology
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