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Second opinion

Would you like to receive a "second opinion" from a highly qualified senior medical specialist?

Enquiring about all possible treatment options is vital prior to making a decision. The Medical Center - University of Freiburg offers an excellent opportunity to receive an additional consultation while eliminating the extra costs of travelling.

You can ask our radiologists to confirm your diagnosis, discuss your treatment options with our senior specialists and, if necessary, prepare your treatment plan in Freiburg while saving on additional examinations and consultations.

The Medical Center - University of Freiburg offers the following types of second opinion services:

Telemedicine Team


Fax: +49 761 270 19310

Olesya Polevaya

Olesya Polevaya
Phone: +49 761 270 84820

Asel Epkenhans

Asel Epkenhans
Phone: +49 761 270 19311