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Treatment of colon cancer in Germany

Seemingly harmless intestinal polyps, developing with age, in rare instances escalate into colorectal carcinoma (also known as colorectal or bowel cancer). In the setting of certain concomitant factors (e.g., genetics, unbalanced diet, excess weight), large polyps can degenerate into a malignant tumor that forms metastases in different parts of the body. Over a million of new colon cancer cases are diagnosed annually over the globe.

At an early stage, the disease is generally asymptomatic, which makes it difficult to diagnose and give early treatment to. In exceptionally difficult cases, a complete removal of the large intestine might be necessary. It is followed by surgical operations for the reconstruction of reduced intestine section.

No matter what the situation is, highly professional doctors who perform treatment of colon cancer in Germany, will devote all the time and attention, applying cutting-edge life-saving strategies to combat disease and find way back to a healthy living.