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Medical Check-ups

Prevention is better than cure

Regular check-ups are the best form of preventive health care as conditions diagnosed in their early stages can be better treated and even cured. In order to get precise information about your health, we have developed a special offer, including the necessary diagnostic programs. The Medical Center - University of Freiburg offers a range of health check-ups and special examinations for all age groups. They will save a great deal of time, allowing to collect maximum data about your body. Such a check-up in Germany will take one to three days only, and the results are available immediately.

Our check-up programs are conducted on an out-patient basis. All consultations are provided by a team of highly qualified medical personnel. While you are here for your check-up, you can stay at one of the Freiburg hotels and enjoy regional sightseeing tours and attractions.

Yours sincerely,

International Medical Services, Medical Center – University of Freiburg