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Dental Prophylaxis Check-up

duration: 1-2 days
costs: 1.320 €



The Dental Prophylaxis Check-up includes:

  • Consultation with the doctor (medical history; differential diagnostics; selection of required medical tests)
  • Examination of the face/neck region
  • Examination of the oral cavity (caries, restoration status)
  • Aesthetic assessment of the oral cavity, possible professional cleaning of the teeth and oral mucosa, diagnostics of the oral mucosa disease (cancer precursors), as well as gums and tongue diseases
  • Ultrasonic examination of the head/neck area (lymph node status, assessment of the major salivary glands, mandibular gland, evaluation of the carotid arteries) 
  • X-ray image overview of the upper and lower jaws showing the teeth and temporomandibular joint 
  • If applicable: digital volume tomography (low-radiation X-ray method)
  • Upon request: patients may receive files with their images
  • Summary provided by the doctor, discussion of the examination results and further treatment recommendations

Please note! The dental check-up is intended for patients with no current complaints as a purely prophylactic measure. Treatment appointments should be arranged in advance (before the patient arrives to the hospital). The cost for screening is preliminary. If some of the services included in the initial calculation are not necessary, the remaining money will be reimbursed to you after the final re-calculation.