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ENT Check-up

duration: 1-2 days
costs: 1.200€



The ENT Check-up includes:

  • Consultation with the doctor (medical history; differential diagnostics; selection of required medical tests)
  • Examination of the ear, nose and throat
  • Tone threshold and supra-threshold audiometry
  • Microscopic examination of the ear
  • Acoustic impedance test
  • Rhinomanometry
  • Nasal and nasopharyngeal endoscopy
  • Laryngoscopy
  • Smell and taste testing
  • Summary provided by the doctor, discussion of the examination’s results
  • BERA (brainstem-evoked response audiometry), CT-scan and allergy testing, if recommended by the doctor, can be arranged at additional costs

If necessary, further examinations might be ordered at additional cost.

Please note! The cost for screening is preliminary. If some of the services included in the initial calculation are not necessary, the remaining money will be reimbursed to you after the final re-calculation.