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The patient is our first priority

Doctors meet every morning at 7:30 in the Department of Radiology to discuss patient cases from the previous day and night. Then at noon, doctors present and discuss current critical and acute cases. In addition to analyzing radiological images, radiologists at the Medical Center – University of Freiburg regularly attend 17 different tumor board reviews.

At these meetings, radiologists assess images and consult with doctors from numerous disciplines on the proper treatment for each patient. Radiologists need to have a wide-ranging overview and understanding of each medical discipline in order to properly diagnose diseases. “The main job of radiologists, besides having the analytical skills required to interpret and analyze images, is interacting and consulting on a daily basis with doctors from many disciplines,” says Professor Langer. Good communication skills are vital for patient care. “The patient is the focus during every examination, not the medical equipment,” stresses Professor Langer. Patients are never left alone during imaging procedures and always have contact with the radiologist or technical assistants via an intercom system. Patients who undergo an MRI can even select music to listen to during the procedure from our CD collection.

Radiologists compile each patient’s test results in a report on the day of the examination. All images are digitally archived and patients can receive a copy of their medical images on a CD upon request.