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IMS celebrates 20 Years


Dear patients, dear friends, dear partners,

First and foremost, let me express my most urgent hope that all of you and your loved ones have gone through this trying time unscathed and healthy. Had it not been for this worldwide pandemic we most likely would now be meeting in Freiburg and celebrate 20 years of IMS together.

Nevertheless, it is with great pleasure that I now look back on 20 years of International Medical Services and International Business Development with you.

Founded in December 2000 by the late Mrs. Cornelia Beyer, IMS started out small. It was her vision to bring patients from all over the world to Freiburg to benefit from our world renowned professors, medical expertise, and state of the art equipment. In the beginning we put our focus solely on the Arabic peninsula and Egypt but quickly realised that patients in the CIS states also needed high quality medical treatment. At that time many of the Russian native-speakers among our colleagues joined our team to provide the best service possible in the patients` mother tongue. Over the years our department has grown and gained a favourable reputation among many hospitals abroad and patients from all over the world.

We are now a very international team of 36 colleagues, who dedicate each day to the care of our patients during often difficult treatments. We have managed to gain the trust of many returning patients who also entrust their family and friends to the care of the Medical Center – University of Freiburg.

Our partners from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Dubai, Belarus, Oman, etc. with whom we have worked together on numerous projects became esteemed friends. Both sides profited immensely from those collaborations.  Their continued support has been invaluable in successfully treating thousands of patients. Hundreds of doctors and nurses received training in Freiburg and gained practical experience at our Medical Center – University of Freiburg.

During this pandemic we all have been made aware of the fact, more than ever, that the highest good of man is health. Let us all work together to provide the best possible care and service for our patients.

We all are looking forward to celebrating 20 years of IMS together in Freiburg, hopefully in the coming year, if not, then at the earliest possible moment in time. In German we say “postponed is not abandoned.”

To another 20 years of IMS.

Wishing you and your families and friends all the best for the future. Stay healthy.

Sincerely, Doris Haltmair