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Plastic Surgery

Aesthetics, beauty, the traditions of German medicine, and advanced technologies are inseparably bound in the everyday practice of the Department of Plastic Surgery. We are a young team consisting of 17 plastic surgeons. Pediatric and adult reconstructive procedures and complex microsurgeries after various traumas, burn injuries, and tumor constitute the main specializations of our department. Our specialists offer the most advanced treatment approaches and use unique technologies. All of this combined allows us to meet many of our patients’ demands and requirements.

Our department is in charge of an area with a population of 2 million people. Over 14,000 people undergo out-patient treatment and 3,000 operations are performed here annually. Our highly qualified medical personnel and special plastic surgery operating rooms, along with the newest equipment for a variety of aesthetic procedures, account for the success and reputation of the Department of Plastic Surgery.

Hand surgery being one of the most interesting specializations in our department, has particularly developed in the last ten years. Hand microsurgeries, requiring extremely professional and competent surgeons, are performed in this field.

The Medical Center – University of Freiburg closely cooperates with the Erich-Lexer-Clinic for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, a combination which as such is unique in Europe. Thus, maximum safety and security can be provided for with state of the art plastic surgical procedures – in an exclusive environment.

Diagnostic & Treatment Services

The Department of Plastic Surgery offers an entire range of aesthetic surgical services, such as reconstructive breast operations after cancer diseases, lifting, breast enlargement or reduction and face lifting. It is natural that every person wishes to be good looking.

In the course of an individual and objective consultation, our health professionals will help you specify and choose the optimal methods for improving your appearance.

For the purpose of aesthetic surgery our medical center also installed a special private clinic, adding luxury services to medical care at the Erich-Lexer-Klinik. Transplantations, endoscopic decompression (relieving pressure), surgery of nerve compressions, as well as the interdisciplinary treatment of lymphatic diseases, also encompass the skills of our division. Many operations are carried out on an out-patient basis.

The Department of Plastic Surgery is a partner of specialized hospitals providing treatment of lymphatic diseases. One of these is the Földi Clinic where patients undergo rehabilitation. This clinic is located in Hinterzarten, which is one of the most popular tourist cities, outside of Freiburg, in southern Germany.


plastic surgeons17
nurses and physician assistants28
in-patient ward1
affiliated private clinic beds4
operations per year3.000
out-patients per year14.000
in-patients per year1.000

Our physicians