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Inpatient services

Please note: in case of inpatient treatment, all foreign patients have to undergo a multi-drug resistant organisms (MDRO) screening in advance. The test has to be done 3 working days before admittance to the hospital in order to provide complete safety for both you and other patients.

Please make sure to bring all your medical records along, including a list of current medications (including a list of active ingredients in English!).

On the first day you are required to come to the International Medical Services office for registration in the hospital. Your interpreter will accompany you to all appointments with your physician and will meet you  in the hotel or at the hospital all the following days.

Admittance to the hospital usually takes place in the morning between 9 and 11 a.m. We do our best so that you can get a private room. All rooms have a sanitary unit (towels, a gown and bath care products are provided), a TV (with multilingual channels) and WiFi. We will provide you with three meals a day according to your wishes and your cultural preferences. Upon your request, we will order non-alcoholic drinks for you. Every department has a central kitchen area where you can warm up your meals, make tea or coffee, and find a mineral water dispenser.

During your in-patient stay in our hospital we advise you to use a special ID bracelet which is worn on your wrist after the registration. The bracelet is an extra possibility for the medical personnel to identify you quickly and without delay in case of emergency. This device improves safety during the treatment.

After collecting the complete medical history, the nurse and doctor will discuss with you the therapy plan procedures and follow-up. Your interpreter will inform you about the time of the doctors’ rounds in your department.

You may bring an accompanying person, for example a member of your family who will be able to give you extra support throughout the treatment. In case of outpatient treatment, this person can stay in the hotel or in the room with you for an additional fee, provided there are beds available.

You must remember that smoking is only permitted in specially marked areas of the hospital.

If necessary, IMS may organize a wheelchair rental for the time of your stay in Freiburg.