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Interdisciplinary Pain Center


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Since October 6, 2017: Complete relocation of the Interdisciplinary Pain Center into the rooms of the "Clinic for Tumor biology" at Breisacher Str. 117, 79106 Freiburg

The Interdisciplinary Pain Center pays special attention to the diagnostics and treatment of patients with chronic pain and boasts one of the widest ranges of highly qualified pain specialists in Germany consolidated “under one umbrella”:

  • Medical specialties include Anesthesia, Neurosurgery, Neurology, Orthopedics and Psychiatry, Chirotherapeutic and Manual Medicine
  • Medical and psychological psychotherapy
  • Occupational therapy and social medicine
  • Qualified pain nurses
  • Specially established „Pain Center“ in Central Physiotherapy

All of our therapists are qualified within special pain therapies. Additionally provided qualifications include palliative care, emergency and intensive care medicine as well as pain-specific psychotherapy.


Diagnostic & Treatment Services

Backed by many years of experience, our doctors and therapists are dedicated to providing effective and lasting relief from suffering for patients with chronic pain.

Holistic multi-modular diagnostic and therapeutic approach

Comprehensive, multimodal diagnostics and therapies have become valuable in modern, scientific-based therapies to treat chronic pain diseases. These diagnostics are also used as second opinion procedures before deciding on therapies and operations.

Before coming to the Interdisciplinary Pain Center, each patient receives a detailed questionnaire, which, along with the patient’s medical records, is then carefully assessed by our team of specialists. In case of signs of a complex pain disease, a multimodal assessment is first conducted. This full-day assessment is followed then by an interdisciplinary team meeting to discuss a range of treatment options and a therapy plan.

We can provide a 3-4 week multimodal therapy program (a combination of medical, psychological, and physiotherapeutic procedures) in our Interdisciplinary Pain Center on an inpatient basis. We are one of only a few centers in Germany to offer such comprehensive diagnostic and therapy.

Special treatment fields

The Interdisciplinary Pain Center uses state of the art pain therapy methods such as medication regimens especially tailored to meet the individual patient’s needs, including opioid therapy. Interventional procedures for the temporary or long-lasting blocking of pain in joints or nerves are mainly used for the spinal column region. Neuromodulatory techniques use drugs specifically applied to the cerebrospinal fluid or electrical impulses to impact pain triggering and pain aggravating structures.

In detail, we specialize in the treatment of the following diseases and pain syndromes


Our physicians

  • Dr. Kristin Kieselbach

    Medical director

  • emer. Prof. Dr. Norbert P. Südkamp

    Scientific director

  • Dr. Barbara Kleinmann, MSc

  • Dr. Ingrid Fauler

  • Dr. Tilman Wolter

  • Dipl. psych. Pierre Lechler

  • Birgit Scheytt

  • Ilina Maier