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Child-oriented MRI in the Paediatric Hospital Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Diagnostic Radiology
Child-oriented CAT and MRI-scanners

MRI is particularly suitable for examining children, because it provides high-resolution images of the inside of the body without X-ray radiation – from head to toe. An important factor is a childfriendly environment, so that the examination is stress-free and the anxiety and special wishes of our little patients are taken into account.

Whole-body MR examination in a 16-year-old boy with lymphoma

Anyone who has laid in a MRT is familiar with the loud noises. During the examination the new paediatric equipment is much quieter – with only 90 decibels (like normal road traffic), instead of the possible 120 decibels (like a pneumatic drill).

All examinations are also offered for patients receiving outpatient care by office-based physicians of all medical specialties. The purchase of the equipment was made possible by the generous aid of the German Support Association for Children with Cancer (Deutsche Kinder-Krebshilfe).

Fig.1: Whole-body MR examination in a 16-year-old boy with lymphoma