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The Department of Urology offers complete urology examinations for prostate health, potency and lifestyle problems – especially designed for foreign patients. About 2,500 in-patients and 8,000 out-patients undergo treatment in our department each year. We take pride in consulting our patients. Complex treatments are only administered after thorough prophylactic examinations have been conducted. After an extensive collection of information, the patient is offered an individual treatment plan.

Stable patients without the need for catheterization may choose to stay in a specialized VIP-medical hotel unit for a couple of days. 

Our department has been assisting patients for over 45 years and enjoys an excellent reputation both within and beyond German boarders. We offer a broad range of prophylactic examination, including a check-up program, diagnostics, and the treatment of various urologic diseases.

Our team of specialists is ready to help solve their patients’ most difficult health issues, also covering a variety of sexual disturbances for young and older men, hormonal problems, and men’s health including prostate diseases.



medical doctors28
in-patient beds56
operations per yearover 4.000
in-patients per year3.600
out-patients per year10.000

Prof. Christian Gratzke - one of the best specialists for prostate surgery according to Focus magazine (Prof. Gratzke on the Focus Magazine Cover, 2018)


One of the best hospitals in Germany for treating prostate cancer


Our physicians

  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schultze-Seemann

  • Prof. Dr. Cordula Jilg

  • Prof. Dr. Arkadiusz Miernik

  • Dr. Arndt Katzenwadel

  • Prof. Dr. Martin Schönthaler

  • Dr. Daniel Schlager

  • PD Dr. Markus Grabbert

  • Dr. Moritz von Büren

  • Dr. Konrad Wilhelm