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Financial guide

As an authorized department of the Medical Center - University of Freiburg, IMS handles all organizational tasks for foreign patients receiving treatment in Freiburg, including cost estimates and final invoices.

Cost Estimate (Deposit)

Based on the medical documents provided, we prepare a pre-treatment plan of the diagnostic procedures/medical care and we draw up the cost estimate accordingly. The calculation is preliminary and depending on the diagnosis. The actual expenses of the examination/ treatment may eventually either exceed or be less than the cost estimate. The preliminary cost estimate includes the government costs of the medical services, doctors’ fees, cost of the laboratory tests and diagnostic procedures, as well as additional services (transfer etc.)

The deposit must be paid in full prior to the beginning of the treatment/diagnostic procedures.

The payment can be done by bank transfer, a credit card or in cash. Please consult with your bank about international transfers in advance.

The Medical Center - University Freiburg does not accept written payment guarantees from embassies, ministries, insurance companies, employers etc. All patients have to pay a deposit before treatment.

Final invoice

The cost estimate always contains expenses for all the medical services, including hospital infrastructure and administrative charges as well as the costs for the airport transfer, and other expenses ordered and paid for during your stay in Freiburg.

After about 8 weeks, you will get a detailed final invoice listing all items. Any remaining balance will be paid back to you via bank transfer or to your credit card. If there is a outstanding balance, we will ask you to pay it without delay.

You also have the option of keeping remaining balance in your account at our hospital as an advance payment for your next visit.