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Breast Center

Breast Center

The interdisciplinary Breast Center offers a comprehensive, individual and competent treatment of all kinds of breast diseases.

Our patients receive means of prevention, early diagnosis, diagnostics and therapy all the way to follow-up care with the high medical standard of a university medical center in one place.

At the center of our actions are the individual needs of our patients, who are taken care of by our highly qualified interdisciplinary team of experts.

The personal availability of a reliable team throughout the whole treatment period is of utmost importance to us.

The outstanding quality of our breast Center has been certified repeatedly by the German Cancer Society since 2003.

What we offer

In our breast consultation hours we offer you not only the general preventive check-up and follow-up care, but also special consulting on familial breast cancer (BRCA1/2) as well as the opportunity to obtain a second opinion on therapy options.

In our genetic consulting hours in the Institute for Human Genetics we advise you extensively regarding the possible hereditary causes for your disease and, should you wish to do so, perform molecular genetic tests.

For diagnosing breast diseases we routinely apply the whole range of state-of-the-art examination methods, such as Digital Mammography (an X-ray examination of the breast with low exposure to radiation), Breast Ultrasound (high-resolution ultrasound of the breast without any exposure to radiation) and Breast MRI (magnetic resonance imaging of the breast).

In case of unclear or abnormal diagnostic findings, tissue samples can be taken on an out-patient basis without surgery or general anesthesia. This is done either by an ultrasound-guided high-speed core needle biopsy, or by Stereotactic Vacuum-Assisted Biopsy guided by mammography in case of microcalcification.

Our aim is to achieve fast and clear information and to avoid unnecessary surgery.

We offer our patients the full range of surgical options at the highest level to treat both benign and malignant breast diseases.

In addition to the most commonly performed breast-preserving surgery (BCS), we perform Sentinel Lymph Node Dissection, in which those lymph nodes into which cancer cells from the breast would stream first via the lymph circulatory system are removed. In many cases this prevents a complete removal of the axillary lymph nodes.

Should breast-preserving surgery not be possible, the whole breast has to be removed completely in one radical operation (mastectomy). Patients having to undergo mastectomy may opt for an oncoplastic surgery – a reconstruction of the breast with either implants or own tissue.

Other plastic surgeries such as breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty), breast lifting, or breast augmentation, are frequently performed with excellent results, whether for reasons of discomfort or cosmetic purposes.

We discuss every single case in our interdisciplinary tumor board and compile an individual therapy concept. In order to reach the best possible treatment result, we establish for each patient a made-to-measure combination of hormonal, chemo, radiation and antibody therapy in accordance with the latest state of knowledge and current therapy guidelines.

We take part in national and international therapeutic studies to make our latest scientific findings applicable to our patients. This way, our patients have the opportunity to benefit from the latest medication and treatment approaches.

After breast-preserving surgery, radiation is required. This is performed in our Department of Radiation Oncology with state-of-the-art equipment of the highest standard. The use of the INTRABEAM® system for intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) allows us to target cancer cells directly with radiation during surgery.

Our patients’ quality of life and their approach to life is very dear to us. This is why they are not only cared for by a specially trained BreastCare Nurse, but naturally also have the option of professional psychological support.

In our University Centre for Complementary Medicine, skilled access to supplementary natural treatment methods (complementary medicine) is available.

We also guarantee highly qualified treatment of lymphedema and wound healing disorders.