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Diagnostics in sports injuries

Diagnostic Radiology

At our Section of MSK Imaging, we serve a variety of professional sports team in the South-West of Germany and are accredited by the German Roentgen Society. In collaboration with the Department of Orthopedics, we provide musculoskeletal imaging services, providing accurate and comprehensive assessments to diagnose and treat various conditions.

  • MRI: Applying latest technology (at 1,5 or 3 Tesla), MRI one of the more commonly used modalities to visualize the musculoskeletal system. MRI is especially useful in the diagnosis and evaluation of conditions affecting soft tissues, such as tears to tendons and ligaments.

  • CT and DVT: While CT is used in many emergency settings, its strength includes the detailed visualizations of anatomy and diseases, such as fractures. The scanning is extremely rapid and completed in seconds. Our scanners offer highest-resolution in 3D volumetric mode enabling multiplanar reconstruction for alternative views that aid diagnosis and evaluation of musculoskeletal conditions.

  • MR Arthrography:  Prior to the MR imaging procedure, a contrast dye is injected into the joint being examined. This allows the radiologist reading the exam to more clearly see soft tissues, like ligaments and cartilage. MR arthrography is commonly performed to evaluate instability in the shoulder, tears of the cartilage labrum in the hip and damage to ligaments in the wrist.