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About Freiburg

Freiburg is located in the southwest of Germany near the French and Swiss borders at the foothills of the Black Forest (Schwarzwald). The “free castle,” as the name translates from German, was founded in 1120 and has always been famous for its beautiful local landscape and trade achievements.

Despite a population of 230,000 people, which is remarkable for Germany, Freiburg manages to preserve a small town spirit, where the citizens wish one another a “Guten Morgen,” or good morning, where no one seems to be rushed, and where the clean fresh air constantly reminds you that you are surrounded by a beautiful countryside.


Freiburg's geographic location, suitable climate and dormant volcano, have all contributed to the growth of rare varieties of grapes, which in turn have led to its outstanding reputation as the “City of Wine.”

In Freiburg's surrounding towns and villages, situated among abundant vineyards, you can experience wine tasting in local wineries. “Rulaender” and “Gutedel” wines are some of the best in Germany. The exquisite and unique taste of these wines has won over the hearts of tourists again and again.

The University, which was founded in 1457, is another part of Freiburg's rich history. With over 30,000 students, the Albert Ludwigs University is one of the leading universities in Europe. Approximately 10% of these students are foreigners giving Freiburg an international flair in the middle of the German Black Forest. This mix of youth and Freiburg's small town feeling has led to Freiburg being considered one of the most desirable places to study in Germany.

Tourist Attractions

A steady flow of visitors wishing to improve their health can be found in the Freiburg area. The fresh air health resorts, located in the picturesque forests and on the shores of the beautiful mountain lakes are especially popular among tourists.

Freiburg has an excellent transportation network. The EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg is located near the German, French and Swiss borders.

The railroad system with its high-speed trains provides direct connections to many large European cities, and of course there is the Autobahn connecting all the surrounding countries.


The Schwarzwald clockmaking craftsmanship dates back over 250 years. The famous German road of clocks is 320 kilometers long and runs through 30 villages of the Black Forest. Many tourists visit the town of Titisee to become acquainted with the unique collection of cuckoo clocks manufactured over the last century.

However, this is not the only thing Titisee is famous for.

The prime attraction of this tourist town is the glacial-age lake, which measures 2.5 kilometers in length and 20 meters in depth. Legend has it that a beautiful city once stood where the lake is today.

The Town of Titisee website

Europa Park

You can take advantage of a wonderful opportunity to become fully immersed in a world of fun, adventure and rides for all ages. “Europa Park”, Germany’s largest leisure park, offers spectacular attractions and events.

With its world of sounds and colors you can take unique journeys into outer space, find yourself among prehistoric dinosaurs, and enjoy the cultures of several European countries.

Europa Park website


While traveling through the picturesque Black Forest, Gutach with its Black Forest open air museum “Vogtsbauernhof” is a must-see.

Here you will become immersed in a different world of water mills and authentically decorated peasant houses as they were over 400 years ago.

The Vogtsbauernhof Museum has preserved the life and work atmosphere of the inhabitants who lived in those times. Many houses are still decorated with homemade sausages, farm animals still roam freely, and farming tools are ready to till the land. Whether your interest lies in architecture, domestic daily life or in the history of farming, you can experience all of these in Gutach.

Gutach website


If you are not too superstitious and very curious, you can take part in a special tour around the town of Staufen under the guidance of Mephistopheles. He will guide you around the historical sites of the small town and tell you the history of the famous house where the soul of Faust was stolen. You can see the tower where, according to legend, the devil left his imprints while taking the soul of doctor Faust into the afterlife. This building is mentioned in the works of the famous German writer, Goethe.

The Town of Staufen website


A mere 1,5-hour drive away from Freiburg you will find marvelous Strasbourg, the historical capital of Alsace and nowadays the seat of the European parliament where the Council of Europe has resided since 1992 and where the highest European cathedral with a height of 142 metres is located. The city centre is situated on an island surrounded by the river Ill and is included in the UNESCO world heritage list. You can go on a motor boat along the river, try authentic Alsatian cuisine, and visit a great number of shops.

Official website of the city of Strasbourg

The city of Zurich

The biggest city of Switzerland is located on the bank of the picturesque Zürich lake in the valley between the mountainous peaks of Uetliberg and Zürichberg. This is the financial and cultural centre of Switzerland. Despite the great number of banks, insurance companies and stock exchanges, the city centre is very romantic with the Grossmünster Cathedral and St. Peter’s Church. There are more than 50 museums, 100 different galleries and a great number of shops.

The city of Zurich website

Triberg waterfalls

A visit to the Triberg waterfalls with its beautiful surroundings will surely make for unforgettable memories.

The Town of Triberg website


Did you know that the famous sculptor of the American statue of liberty, Bertoldi, was born in the French town of Colmar? For history lovers, a trip to one of the oldest French towns will be an unexpected and pleasant experience.

From its founding date, Colmar has always belonged to either France or Germany.

This is reflected in its architecture, history and atmosphere. Afternoon strolls past the charming buildings of “Little Venice,” with its enchanting channels, will definitely leave an everlasting nostalgic impression.

The Town of Colmar website


Just a few kilometers from Freiburg, among gorgeous vineyards, you will be able to taste all sorts of wine and choose the best to your taste. This is the rule of the winemakers of the region.

The local wines Ruländer and Gutedel are among the best in Germany.