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Treatment of thyroid cancer in Germany

Thyroid cancer is a malignant tumor located in the thyroid gland, and the closest to the lymph nodes. In some cases, the neoplasm can give metastases to other parts of the body. It is mistakenly believed that one of the causes of thyroid cancer is a diet depleted of iodine, but the amount of the consumed trace element is not connected with it in any way.

Among the obvious causes of malignant neoplasms are radiation exposure, especially at an early age, and heredity. But most often the sources of this disease remain unclear.

Age is not a determining factor in the development of thyroid neoplasms, but it is known that the probability of cancer of this endocrine organ is 2-3 times higher in females. Depending on the histological picture, the papillary cancer is distinguished, which most often falls in the age of 30-40 years, follicular - 50-60 years, anaplastic - 60 years plus. C-cell (medullary) cancer does not have a feasible age-specific localization.

Treatment of thyroid cancer in Germany is based on the most reputed findings of scientific research labs and oncological clinics from all over the world.