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Lung Imaging and Cancer Screening

Diagnostic Radiology

We provide a full array of chest-imaging services using the most advanced technology currently available. This technology is critical in helping our expert team deliver the most accurate diagnostic and treatment information to you and your care team, including lung disease, thromboembolic disease, and thoracic malignancies.

  • Lung-Cancer Screening, Low-dose CT: Lung cancer screening has been shown to save lives through early detection and intervention. Low-dose CT allows for lung cancer to be detected before symptoms develop. Currently, no official recommendation by German authorities exist but international standards recommend screening program for those at high risk and: 50 to 80 years of age, have at least 20 pack-years of smoking history. The CT scan is performed within seconds and does not require contrast administration.

Using latest CT and MRI technology at our Campus in Freiburg or Bad Krozingen, our experts will also use latest IT-developments such as Artificial-Intelligence to analyze acquired images in an advanced and comprehensive manner.