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Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Center for Mental Disorders

The Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Center of Mental Disorders, is considered one of the leading institutions in the field of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy as well as Neuropsychiatry in Germany and offers the most modern, evidence-based treatment options for the entire spectrum of mental disorders. It consists of eight specialized divisions with 120 beds, a day clinic and a sleep laboratory. The department offers out-patient services and second-opinion consulting.

The Medical Director of the department, Prof. Dr. Dr. Katharina Domschke, M.A. (USA), is internationally known for her clinical and scientific expertise in depression, burn-out syndrome and anxiety disorders. Several other internationally highly acknowledged experts in e.g. sleep medicine, deep brain stimulation, autism, ADHD, obsessive compulsive disorders as well as psychotic and organic psychiatric disorders work at the department.   

  • Leading center in the field of depression treatment
  • Leading center in the field of anxiety treatment
  • Leading center in the field of adult high functioning autism and ADHD
  • Leading center in insomnia treatments
  • Leading center regarding the diagnosis of organic psychiatric syndromes
  • English, Russian, Italian and Croatian speaking specialists are available

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