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The Angiology Department of the Heart Center in Bad Krozingen deals specifically with vascular problems outside the heart. Besides the treatment of lymphatic and venous diseases, the department has particularly extensive experience in the treatment of various forms of arterial circulatory disorders.
All the most modern methods of non-invasive and invasive vascular diagnostics are available in our department.

Range of services:

  • Doppler pressure measurement
  • Oscillography
  • Reflection plethysmography of the fingers and toes (with cold provocation)
  • Duplex sonography of supra-aortic extracranial arteries and abdominal aorta including the outgoing branches, pelvic and leg arteries
  • Capillaroscopy (Raynaud's diagnosis)
  • Long-term blood pressure measurement
  • Treadmill ergometry
  • An optimal therapeutic concept for each patient is developed in close collaboration with the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery. Today, many of what were formerly major vascular surgeries can be performed via a catheter. Some interventions on the main arteries can also be performed without opening the chest or abdomen.
  • Finally, for several years we have offered renal sympathectomy. This is a catheter-based treatment method for refractory arterial hypertension in which the neuroplexus in the wall of the renal arteries - which may be responsible for high blood pressure - is ablated.
  • Diagnosis of venous thrombosis, endovenous laser treatment of varicose veins, and foam sclerotherapy are other treatment options offered in the department.